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Don’t Settle: Pursue God’s Best

We are living in a day where so many Christians have defeated mindsets. We don’t believe God for anything beyond what our eyes can see or our minds can comprehend. So instead of stepping out on faith and reaching for higher ground, we settle for the low hanging fruit and encourage others to do the same.

Whether it be in a relationship, your career or that dream in your heart, if you constantly settle for less, less is all you will ever have.

“It’s not much but at least it’s something” is the biggest statement that keeps us living in defeat. It’s our safety net to default back to when the thought of moving forward seems beyond our reach; but settling for less is not trusting God with your life, it’s allowing fear to control your life. God doesn’t want us to merely exist in this world, he wants us to live – and live to the full. The temporary discomfort that comes from stepping out on faith and stumbling your way through until you take hold of higher ground, pales in comparison to the misery that comes from living in defeat.

God wants more for your life, Jesus declared victory over your life, so all that’s left for you to do is to take hold of your life!

It’s not much but at least it’s something, usually turns out to be nothing at all. If you think about it, we often say that right before we take that low paying job that keeps us living from paycheck to paycheck, or continue on in that unfruitful relationship that keeps us unhappy with low self-esteem. Don’t sell your birthright for a bowl of soup, Esau! Translation…don’t trade in temporary discomfort for a lifetime of misery. Temporary discomfort goes along with the process of pursuing your dreams. It may be tough in the short-term but God will surely bless you in the long-term if you keep the faith and don’t settle for less along the way.

pursue God's purpose

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The Why’s of Life


Every now and then events happen in life that leave us dumbfounded. An unexpected loss of a loved one, a failed business venture or a situation that didn’t quite work out in our favor will leave us questioning God; but I’ve come to find that seemingly good things in foresight end up being not so great in hindsight, because if it were the best thing for you…why wouldn’t God want you to have it? In spite of how it may seem, God does not take pleasure in our pain. He does, however, take pleasure in our spiritual growth and maturity. And i
f we look closely at our lives some of our most pressing questions can be answered by 3 simple words of faith…trust in God.  

Heartache and Pain…Why?

Situations that happen in the lives of the people around us, although it may affect us, isn’t necessarily something that God is doing to us. The loss of a loved one can be devastating, and if you don’t perceive it correctly you can become bitter and blame God for taking away the one person you felt you needed in this life, but God doesn’t look at death the way we do. He knows that the only person we truly need is Jesus, and no matter who comes and goes he will forever remain. Jesus is the provision for our pain. As the scripture says, weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning…if you allow it. If you don’t settle into bitterness and blame God for taking someone through the natural process of life and death and into life everlasting, you will find joy again.

It didn’t work out in my favor…Why?

There was a time where I was trusting God to bring me out of a pressing place, and when he didn’t do it, I began to question the purpose of prayer. I knew that God’s will for my life was far greater than my plan and that no amount of begging and pleading was going to change that, but in the midst of it all…God changed me. The miracles that he performed in my life during that time left me speechless and in awe of who he really is. Now when it comes to hard times, I’d rather suffer a little while longer just to see the hand of God move in my life than to take the easy road and enjoy temporary happiness that could never be sustained without him; it takes going through a pressing place to bring forth that level of maturity.

“You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain…” –John 15:16

Why me…because you are chosen for the life you lead.

Why not me…because God has so much more in store.

Why this battle…because you are more than a conqueror.

Why not move this mountain…because then you will never know how high you can climb.

In the end, this life is temporary but God’s plan is eternal. It’s easy to throw yourself a pity party, hang out with your fears, and blame him for everything that is not going right in your life when the truth of the matter is, there are things in this life we won’t always understand. It’s one of the mysteries of God’s plan that will be revealed to us on that great day of glory, but while we are on this earth we have a purpose to fulfill, and God knows just what it takes to get us from one level to the next. Sometimes it takes a push and other times it takes a pull, but it’s all meant to get us to arrive on time at our divine destination.

So the next time you are tempted to settle into your sorrows and complain, try turning your y’s into u’s and watch God transform your life in unimaginable ways. Thank U Jesus for your never-ending love, thank U for your saving grace, and thank U for bringing me to it so that you can show yourself more than capable of seeing me through it!

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