Inspirational Poems

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Inspirational Poems


The Climb
by: Sabrena Jay

They say in order to be successful you have to think outside the box,
but what happens when life puts you in a box…called isolation?
Doors closing all around me, misery trying to drown me,
Sometimes, I just don’t understand…how could this be a part of his plan?
Too tired of dealing with strife, just trying to make something out of my life…
Why does it have to be this hard?
But no matter how far down I go, deep in my heart I’ll always know
that there’s a God who sits high and looks low…and he cares for me, truly.
So I’ll take this bitter part of me, knowing that it will lead to my destiny,
and somehow create a better me…one day I will shine like the sun.

You’ll never fully appreciate the destination until you’ve endured the climb

inspirational poem

Inspirational Poem
By: Kam Hill

Constantly on the Run

Whenever he’s around, all I do is hide

For at that moment, I don’t care about pride

He chases me down, and never let go

Will he leave me alone? I do not know

When he is around, there is no more fun

‘Cause in my heart, I’m constantly on the run

He just won’t quit. He never stops

As soon as I see him, my courage drops

His presence ruins my day

The pain he costs me, I dare not say

He shows up at any time

What he does to me emotionally, should be a crime

He pursues me…my heart pounds when he’s near

Who am I running from? His name is FEAR

Dear Jesus:  Just when I was about to lose control you spoke “peace be still” and calmed my soul. Thank you for being my anchor in the midst of life’s storm. spiritual inspiration










Inspirational Poem
By: Sabrena Jay

My Destiny

It beckons me….drawing me near
With a sense urgency unlike any I’ve ever felt
It’s a sense of emptiness at the end of my day

A Longing

that not even the strongest touch can erase
It calls out to me…Pulling me near


My Destiny

Inspirational Poem
by: Sabrena Jay

                                         The Life You Have Left

What if life was a privilege that not even the angels get a chance to partake?
To have a body, to encompass a soul, to walk the earth and see life unfold.
What if this life was actually a chance to be an over-comer and take a stance?
To resist temptation and erase your fears.
To experience the comfort of the father as he dry your tears.
What if this chance, this moment, this opportunity to live was just that…an opportunity.

So what are you going to do with the life you have left?

Inspirational Poem
By: Sabrena Jay

Captain of My Ship, Master of My Destiny


I am floating
floating along life’s river
looking for something
but going nowhere

Longing to be more than I am

I am captain of a ship
with no one on board

Master of a destiny
with no destination in sight

Standing above myself
looking down on myself

Visioning the me I want to be
yet not knowing how to become
all that which I know I already am

Going nowhere
But wanting to be somewhere



Captain of My Ship
Master of My Destiny

Dear Jesus: Today I was starting to lose my way. I was drowning with no sense of direction and no way out, but you rescued me. And filled my heart with a peace that words can not express. For this, I just want to say…Thank You for being my friend.

inspirational poems

Inspirational Poems
by: Sabrena Jay

The Lifter of My Head

I was walking around with my head hung low
Desperately seeking which way to go
Heartache and disappointment at every turn
Major life lessons are the hardest to learn
I cried and I tried to figure it out
Just what this thing called life is about
Then a small voice from deep within said
Just look towards God, the lifter of your head.

 Inspirational Poems
by: Sabrena Jay

The Price of My Stone

There’s a price to pay for every brick I lay on this path that’s made of stone
Through sweat and tears and silent fears, I found the strength to press on
Overcoming my past, I’ve arrived at last to a place I call my own
And where this path ends…My Destiny Begins…For I have paid the price for my stone

Inspirational Poems
by: Sabrena Jay

The Cost

There’s a costspiritual poems
to bear his cross
to carry his name, despite the shame
There’s a cost
to speak his word
to minister to others, and not be heard
There’s a cost
to run this race
to be his servant, and see his face
Yes, there’s a cost for this cross we bear
but the end result will be well worth it


  1. What a talented woman of GOD you are Sabrina, I’m so honored to read your blog. Thanks for sharing your Godly thoughts and more importantly thanks LORD JESUS for you.

  2. Wonderful words.Put together very well. In spiring with a touch of comfort in each entry. Thank you. Write on.

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