About Sabrena Jay

Don't Just Dream It, Pursue It!

Inspirational Speaking & Consulting Services

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We all have a destiny to fulfill. A call on our lives so strong that it leaves us searching for answers in all the wrong places, because it’s one thing to know you have a purpose; it’s another to actively pursue it! In this season, God has graced us like never before to take hold of the plans he has for our lives, but how do you do it? How do you go from a place of longing, to a place of being? Although the answer is one many have spent years trying to unfold, there is a way to shorten the journey and cut back on the time wasted doing it your way.

“How To Discover Your Purpose & Pursue It”

is the message of this season and Sabrena Jay is actively leading workshops and booking speaking engagements to not only inspire but equip God’s people with the knowledge, wisdom and tools they need to take hold of their purpose and become all that he is calling them to be.
Feeling Stuck in Your Life? You owe it to yourself and the people your life was designed to touch, to find out why. View Sabrena calendar of events and get connected!