Don't Just Dream It, Live It

An 8-Week Guide to Discovering Your Purpose

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Meet Sabrena Jay

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Founder and CEO of SJ Inspire, Inspirational Speaker Sabrena Jay boldly takes on the challenge of inspiring God’s people to live a life full of Faith, Power and Purpose. Most noted for her transparency, Sabrena uses personal experiences to engage audiences with relatable truths on how to endure life’s challenges and come out victoriously on the other side.

Sabrena Jay holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing and uses the 4 Pillars of  Coaching to speak and teach on the subjects of the Overcoming Defeat, Strategic Panning for Success, Personal Branding, Destiny, Purpose, Fear and Increasing Your Faith. 

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Speaking & Consulting Services

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Inspirational Speaking

Our Motivational Speaking Services are available for both religious and non-religious events.  Most Requested Speeches: The Life You Have Left.  The Value Proposition. Silencing The Voice of Fear.  Are You Seeing That Problem Correctly? Take Another Look!  Pivotal Moments of Destiny and NEWLY ADDED: “How To Discover Your Purpose & Purse It”

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Marketing Consulting

Sabrena holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing and has over a decade of experience in helping business owners and entrepreneurs find their voice, connect with their target customers and grow their brand. In addition, we partner with Business and Finance Consultants to meet all your business needs. Inquiry today!

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Workshops & Seminars

Our workshops are designed to provide a more in-depth time of learning and breakthrough than our speaking engagements. Sabrena uses the 4 Pillars of Coaching to speak and teach on subjects of Spirituality, Small Business Marketing, Branding, Destiny, Purpose, Overcoming The Power of Fear, Faith and more. New Online Workshop Coming Soon: “How To Discover Your Purpose & Pursue It”

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